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SR series

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Product Name: SR100 high-light engraving machine

Category:SR series

Model:SR100 Working Voltage:AC380V / 50HZ / 3PH  Machinable size:1270mm * 2540mm * 100mm  Beam to table height:200mm....
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Mechanical specifications
  Model: SR100
  Working voltage: AC380V/50HZ/3PH
  Machinable size: 1270mm*2540mm*100mm
  Beam to work surface Distance: 200mm
  Z-axis travel: 450mm
  Maximum machining speed: 20m/min (maximum cutting requires tool fit)
  Maximum air movement Speed: 30m/min
  Repeat positioning accuracy: +/-0.05mm
  Drive mode: X, Y axis adopts helical gear rack, Z axis adopts high precision ball screw drive.
Performance characteristics
  SR100 CNC machining center adopts gantry structure, fixed beam and table moving transmission mode. It adopts optimized design of gantry and beam and reliably cooperates with the worktable to form a frame structure with good rigidity and reliability, heavy-duty welding structure. Finite element design calculations to ensure optimum strength and rigidity.
  SR100 series gantry machining center, more than 15 years of industry application, industry-leading design, excellent performance and reliability.
  Using high-quality components to use the machine tool can maintain high precision for a long time.
  The machine components are FEM (Finite Element Analysis) and are uniquely designed to reduce vibration.
  Safety Assurance
  - The machine tool is designed according to the American AMT mechanical manufacturing standards.
  -- Electrical standards are designed using EMC electrical standards.
  -- All moving parts have safe and reliable protection.
  -- Operational status monitoring.
  --X, Y and Z three-axis drive systems are equipped with a variety of safety protection controls, such as electrical control limits, software limits and mechanical limits to ensure the safety of machine work.
  After-sales service
   --Dongguan Citizen Electronics Co., Ltd. Online Service System
   --Dongguan Citizen Electronics Co., Ltd. Technical Support
  When the customer requests service, the company will respond within 24 hours of receiving the customer request. If necessary, arrange technicians to resolve the equipment failure within 24 hours.
Machine configuration list
NO content   specification Remarks
1 Processing range X-axis machining range 1270mm  
Y-axis machining range 2570mm  
Z-axis machining range 200mm  
2 Machine parameter index X, Y, Z axis motion positioning accuracy 0.05mm The above position parameters are referenced to the international ISO230-2 and are calibrated using a RENISHAW laser interferometer. Note (1)
X, Y, Z repeat positioning accuracy 0.05mm  
Maximum displacement speed 30 m / min  
Maximum processing speed 20 m / min  
Total machine weight About 2500KG  
Machine operating voltage AC380V/50HZ/3PH  
3 Workbench Phenolic panel workbench Vacuum adsorption table  
Workbench load 500KG  
4 CNC system Weihong professional CNC system    
5 Tool change system Taiwanese dish 8 knife position Optional row 4 knife position
6 Drive power (AC servo) X-axis drive motor Yaskawa 850W Optional Delta
Y-axis drive motor Yaskawa 850W Optional Delta
Z-axis drive motor Yaskawa 850W Optional Delta
Voltage AC380 / 3PH  
7 Electric spindle (frequency conversion) Spindle HSD air cooling Optional domestic
Spindle speed 4000-24000RPM  
Spindle power 9.6 KW  
Spindle taper ISO30  
Spindle dynamic balance level G2.5  
Frequency converter VFD  
8 guide X rail guide Square rail (25mm)  
Y-axis guide Square rail (25mm)  
Z-axis guide Square rail (25mm)  
9 transmission X-axis drive Ball screw rod  
Y-axis drive Ball screw rod  
Z-axis drive Ball screw rod  
Note (1): Positioning accuracy detection method: The measurement data is sorted by mathematical statistics. That is, any number of positioning points (generally 5 to 15) are selected along a certain measurement axis parallel to the coordinate axis, and then multiple positioning (usually 5 to 13 times) is repeated for each positioning point. The locating point can be approached in one direction, or it can be approached from two directions, and then the measurement data is statistically processed to obtain an arithmetic mean value. Further, the average value deviation, the standard deviation, and the dispersion degree were determined. The dispersion represents the repeating positioning accuracy, which together with the average deviation constitutes the positioning accuracy, and the sum of the two is the maximum positioning deviation that can be achieved when positioning between any two points.

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