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Acrylic laser engraving machine has high speed and accuracy.
Time:2021-04-30  Author:administrators
The so-called acrylic laser engraving machine, is generally a kind of laser equipment for acrylic carving in various depths, such laser equipment is generally used CO2 laser, with high speed and precision characteristics.

Acrylic is very easy to cut and carve, there are various shapes and sizes, Acrylic has two production processes: casting and calendering. Acrylic laser engraving machine is mainly used for the casting of plexiglass production, because it produces a very white frost after laser engraving, and the original transparent texture has a sharp contrast, calendering plexiglass production is still transparent after laser engraving, there is not enough contrast effect.

Generally speaking, plexiglass is carved on the back, that is to say, carved from the front and viewed from the back, which makes the finished product more three-dimensional. In the back carving, please first mirror the image, and the carving speed is fast and the power is low. If the power of Acrylic laser engraving machine is too high, it will cause uneven stripes on the bottom. If you want to engrave deeper, you can try to engrave several times. In the case of back carving, local coloring should be carved deeper, and then polished with a flame polishing machine before filling. If it is not polished, the color from the front will not be uniform.

In addition, Acrylic laser engraving machine generally uses electric lifting platform, suitable for various thickness of carving objects, convenient, fast, one-step in place, greatly improving the efficiency and processing quality. Auto focusing system can be selected for precise autofocus. It can also be equipped with rotary engraving device to carve various cylindrical and circular objects accurately.

Compared with the traditional knife mold, Acrylic laser engraving machine has the characteristics of high speed, high accuracy and diversified engraving patterns.

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