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Is the effect of acrylic diamond polishing machine good?
Time:2021-04-30  Author:administrators
What is the difference between Acrylic Diamond Polisher and other polishing machines? Is the polishing effect of Acrylic Diamond Polisher good or bad?

Acrylic diamond polishing machine is the most advanced acrylic polishing machine, using diamond (diamond) cutter on acrylic surface precision cutting (0.3-0.5mm), to achieve mirror effect.

Acrylic polishing machine looks like a lathe, but the principle is similar to the universal milling machine, the only difference is its work platform on the jig and material movement, the spindle tool fixed.

Acrylic diamond polishing machine requires a high degree of manufacturing fit. General enterprises can not do, there are few domestic can do all cast iron stability good equipment, it is best to adjust the angle, polishing the slope is better.

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