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Causes and solutions for abnormal reduction of acrylic cutting machine
Time:2021-04-30  Author:administrators
Acrylic cutting machine can be used to cut acrylic board, plexiglass, OVC board, EVA board and other materials. In the daily use of acrylic cutting machine, occasionally encountered some problems, such as abnormal reset, can not connect equipment, equipment can not start, cutting deformation, etc. Now, Mintein Limited tells you the reason and solution of abnormal reset of acrylic cutting machine.

1, sensor ash, poor contact or damage. The solution is to wipe the dust on the sensor or replace the new one.

2, flexible conduction band data line contact is bad or damaged. Trim the data line and reinsert or replace the data line.

3, ground contact is unreliable or high voltage line is damaged. The solution is to re connect the ground or replace the high voltage line.

4, motor line contact is bad, want to reconnect.

For acrylic cutting machine, acrylic laser cutting machine, we must often do inspection and maintenance, this can not only avoid the use of failure, but also extend the use of equipment time.

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