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Is acrylic carving machine harmful to your health?
Time:2021-04-30  Author:administrators
Advertising board, light-emitting words and other processing and production often need to use acrylic engraving machine, acrylic laser engraving machine and other equipment. As a result, many people will worry that acrylic engraving machine is harmful to the body.

Acrylic engraving machine, Acrylic laser engraving machine and other mechanical equipment, as long as safe operation, will not produce any harm to the human body.

However, it should be noted that acrylic materials are toxic after heating, acrylic materials will react at 85 degrees high temperature, will produce toxic gases, will melt above 130 degrees. In addition, engraving acrylic materials may also produce fibrous debris, which has a certain effect on the respiratory tract. Therefore, when processing acrylic, you need to wear masks and armor.

In short, the use of acrylic engraving machine processing acrylic, pay attention to cutting and carving temperature, as long as the temperature does not exceed 85 degrees, will not produce toxic gas hazards.

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