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Four polishing technologies for acrylic polishing machine
Time:2021-04-30  Author:administrators
In designing and processing acrylic products, polishing acrylic workpiece is an indispensable process, acrylic polishing can achieve the best clarity and transmittance. There are four polishing techniques available for different workpieces: gas (steam) polishing, flame polishing, cloth wheel polishing and acrylic diamond polishing.
Steam polishing uses the solvent vapor to impact the surface of the acrylic material. This method works well within the workpiece, but its effect on acrylic force is to produce more translucent effects. Usually, when the cleanliness and opening tolerance of the parts reach high standards, the steam polishing combined with the Mintyakeri diamond polishing machine will have a better effect.

Flame polishing machine polishing, using electrochemical technology, through a special reaction device to extract hydrogen and oxygen from water, energy-saving and environmental protection equipment. Flame polishing machine = hydrogen flame machine = oxyhydrogen flame machine = welding machine, oxyhydrogen machine is used in acrylic polishing of plexiglass.

The cloth wheel polishing machine is stable, efficient and durable. Polishing cloth commonly used cloth wheel, hemp wheel, wind wheel and other polishing wheels used.

Acrylic diamond polishing machine is divided into vertical Acrylic diamond polishing machine and horizontal Acrylic diamond polishing machine, vertical diamond polishing machine can throw plane with inclined plane, horizontal Acrylic diamond polishing machine can also throw plane with inclined plane. Mint acrylic diamond polishing machine is suitable for high-grade acrylic products, crystal products precision polishing, product quality and product efficiency is extremely high, is one of the indispensable equipment to make acrylic products manufacturers.

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