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Precision and requirement of acrylic laser cutting machine
Time:2021-04-30  Author:administrators
Acrylic cutting machine, Acrylic laser cutting machine is mainly used in acrylic, plexiglass, plastic board, crystal cutting. However, the acrylic laser cutting machine generally limits the thickness of the material.
First of all, the power of the laser tube of the domestic acrylic cutting machine is generally below 400 watts, and the thickness of the material is below 40 mm. The laser tubes abroad have higher power and can cut better materials. Broadly speaking, the power of the laser tube determines the thickness of the material. 15mm above the best use of imported Plexiglas high-power laser.

Sometimes, customers need to add paper or film cutting. The wind should not be too small, otherwise it will catch fire. When cutting plexiglass, speed and light intensity must match well. The slower the speed is, the better the smoothness is. When carving plexiglass with leaky jet cup, try not to carve too deep, carving too deep is difficult to reach the bottom flatness, the more gas will affect the carving edge effect, to carve more precise and clear, not too deep and blow small gas.

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