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Acrylic laser cutting machine to cut crystal characters
Time:2021-04-30  Author:administrators
In the fierce competition and changeable advertising industry, Crystal Word has become an indispensable form of expression in the advertising industry because of its simple, crude, beautiful and effective publicity effect. It has been widely used in the production of logo-oriented system such as the eyebrow words in the display cabinet of monopoly stores, logo walls of companies, sign advertisements, shop signs, automobile trademarks and so on. Mint Acrylic Cutting Machine, Laser Cutting Machine, Cutting Crystal Characters, Deduce the Beauty of Crystal Characters in Advertising Industry.

Crystal character is a combination of transparent plexiglass (acrylic) and colored organic sheets bonded together by a chemical solution. When forming, the transparent acrylic force and colored organic pieces can be carved separately, but also can be glued with chemicals and then carved together, so the crystal characters are double-decked. There are two ways of processing crystal characters: traditional die cutting and acrylic laser cutting machine.

1. Traditional processing

Traditional machining generally adopts the mode of die pressing and mechanical cutting, but these are rough machining, long production cycle and low machining accuracy. With the increasing demand for product processing accuracy and product types, the traditional processing methods obviously can not meet the huge market customization needs of crystal characters.

2, acrylic laser cutting machine

In recent years, the advertising industry is increasingly facing marginalization under the dual pressure of high demand for personalization and rising material costs. Acrylic laser cutting machine cutting crystal characters using non-contact processing and automatic typesetting function, can minimize processing deformation, reduce material waste. And the laser processing precision is high, crack-free, smooth incision, generally do not need post-processing, after processing the transparency of crystal characters is also better.

In addition, acrylic cutting machine, laser cutting machine can also produce patterns and shapes that can not be completed by traditional methods. Therefore, laser cutting machine cutting crystal words has gradually become the most common way of crystal cutting.

In order to meet the market demand of the advertising industry, Mintein Electronics integrates the market acrylic commonly used specifications and breadth, creating a number of special acrylic cutting machine, laser cutting machine to support different cutting needs, to meet the acrylic, light guide plate, plexiglass, double-color plate and other high-quality processing materials.

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