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How to buy suitable acrylic diamond polishing machine
Time:2021-04-30  Author:administrators
Acrylic diamond polishing machine polished products with clear edges, transparent, clean, good straightness, no dust, low noise, low loss. It is suitable for high-grade acrylic products, crystal products precision polishing, product quality and product efficiency is very high. Then, how do manufacturers choose the suitable acrylic diamond polishing machine?
First of all, Acrylic diamond polishing machine is divided into vertical Acrylic diamond polishing machine and horizontal Acrylic diamond polishing machine, vertical diamond polishing machine can throw plane and inclined plane, horizontal Acrylic diamond polishing machine can also throw plane and inclined plane.

Then, to see whether Acrylic diamond polishing machine manufacturer is professional, and to see whether the machine tool is made of cast iron, body stability is the king, there is also whether this thing is a wide range of functions, such as can adjust the angle, 45-90 slope.

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